Alan Hamilton

Alan Hamilton, Wetlands Coordinator
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.


Alan Hamilton traces his fervor for conservation back to a childhood of hunting and fishing with his father. That connection continues today because hunting and fishing continues to lead to meaningful interactions with New Mexico’s unique rivers, mountains, and wetlands. Alan also works as a private practice psychologist and a brand consultant to major corporations. This training helps inform his work in conservation because “there is an undeniable relationship between environmental health and strong partnerships.” He is the former executive director of BackTalk, a community-based therapy program for adolescents; former conservation director of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation; and he is a board member of the Water-Culture Institute, Rio Grande Restoration, and the S.B. Foundation. As President of Rio Grande Return and Wetlands Coordinator for Ducks Unlimited, Alan works to identify and help implement the protection and enhancement of important public, tribal and private wetlands throughout New Mexico.