Ali Duvall

Ali Duvall, Assistant Coordinator



Ali joined the IWJV in 2010 as the Assistant Coordinator, and since then has played a prominent role in supporting the mission and growth of this highly diverse and innovative public-private partnership. In this position, she performs a variety of functions including the development of strategic habitat partnerships and initiatives, capacity-building, funding support, bridging science and delivery, and organizational management and development. She earned a M.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana where she studied community forests, terrestrial/aquatic systems ecology, and the social implications of conservation delivery. Ali has spent more than 18 years working in the field of collaborative conservation with a specific focus on building public-private partnerships, transferring innovations and building capacity across multiple scales to deliver strategic habitat conservation for wildlife and communities. As a graduate of the National Conservation Leadership Institute, she is highly motivated in helping partners work with shared purpose and learning to affect change. Her most passionate loves are her daughter, family, friends, and the fish, wildlife, mountains and rivers around her in Montana and the West.