Dave Smith

Dave Smith, Coordinator



As IWJV Coordinator, Dave's key role is to expand partnerships for science-based, landscape-scale, habitat conservation. Dave brings to the table expertise in habitat protection, restoration, and management from 25 years of experience with the IWJV, a state fish and wildlife agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and a nongovernmental conservation organization. Prior to the IWJV, Dave assembled several Farm Bill initiatives while with NRCS in Montana, developed a 37,000-acre state private lands habitat program, established the Landowner Incentive Program and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Programs in California, delivered a state wetlands conservation easement program, and administered a multi-million annual wetland program budget. Dave holds a B.S. in Wildlife Management from California State University, Chico. Dave and his family live in Missoula. Dave recently won the Gary T. Myers award, click here to learn more.