Jean Semborski

Jean Semborski, Environmental Coordinator, ConocoPhillips Company

Jean Semborski is a long-time resident of Carbon County, Utah, and has worked in the mineral extraction industry for the past thirty years. Over that period she has been involved in environmental work and projects in the central and southern Utah area.  She has served on the Board of Oil, Gas and Mining as a member knowledgeable in mineral production and environmental matters since 2005.  In the past she has been involved with state and federal agencies to prepare and implement a number of habitat improvement projects for elk, mule deer, raptors, waterfowl, and sage grouse in the Carbon and Emery County areas.  Her involvement included arranging funding, planning, and managing resource surveys as well as coordination and management of contractors and fieldwork.   

At present, Jean is employed by ConocoPhillips as the Environmental Coordinator for Rockies Operations.  She is now responsible for environmental compliance in five western states and works closely with state and federal agencies to maintain compliance with environmental regulations and with many stakeholders who hold an interest in natural resources extraction, regulation, and environmental issues. She is working with state and local entities in western Colorado to promote the management of avian species and wildlife enhancement of a 40,000-acre property owned by ConocoPhillips.