Jim Stone

Jim Stone, Rolling Stone Ranch, Montana

Jim is a third generation cattle rancher from the small town of Ovando in Western Montana. Their Black Angus cow/calf operation relies on their son Brady, when not in school, to provide a stable and energetic vision to maintaining a valuable and picturesque landscape. Jim’s wife, Colleen, a fifth generation rancher, owns a local establishment called the Stray Bullet which adds dining pleasure to their incredible landscape on the southern end of the Crown of the Continent. The Stones believe in a strong tradition of rural communities, land ethics and working together to foster change that will benefit generations to come. The ranch operates on the premise that people are our most valuable asset: partnerships are critical to the daily operations and the ability to leverage knowledge and science to achieve their goals.

Jim is actively involved in the Blackfoot Challenge, a local watershed organization, the Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited, North Powell Conservation District, Ovando School Board, and the Ovando Fire Department.