Justin Schofer

Justin Schofer, Wildlife Biologist
U.S. Forest Service


Justin Schofer is a wildlife biologist on the Kaibab National Forest in Northern Arizona and has been in this position since 2013.  He is also the Region 3 Forest Service Avian Coordinator as well as a member of the Western Working Group of Partners In Flight. Justin works to support thinning and managed/prescribed fires to restore habitat in the Southwestern United States.  His role with the Forest Service promotes large-scale restoration while meeting the needs for threatened, endangered, and sensitive species. Justin has also worked extensively with reptiles and amphibians in the Southwest. He obtained his master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in 2007, looking at natural history, home range size and thermal biology of Arizona Black Rattlesnakes. Justin is committed to partnership work, and he is looking forward to continued interface between the IWJV and the Forest Service in Region 3.