Patrick O'Toole

Patrick O'Toole, Ladder Livestock Company, Colorado/Wyoming

Pat is a cattle and sheep rancher and a hay grower with a strong background in irrigated agriculture and Wyoming politics. He has served as the Family Farm Alliance’s President since March 2005 and is also on the Board of Directors for Produced Water Development.

Pat and his wife, Sharon, live on a ranch near Savery that has been in her family since 1881. It straddles the Wyoming-Colorado border and has long afforded Pat the opportunity to view a broad range of conservation issues first hand. Their ranch includes five miles of Battle Creek, which Audubon Wyoming is designating as an Important Bird Area. Pat is an Advisory Board member on AGree--a new initiative that will tackle long-term food, conservation and agriculture policy issues. His other efforts include participating in the Johnson Foundation Freshwater Summit, and as a Blue Ribbon panelist to advise NRCS/USDA on the conservation title of the 2012 Farm Bill. 

Pat and Sharon have three children, including a daughter, a son and five grandchildren living on the ranch. Another daughter lives in Denver.