Terry Rabot

Terry Rabot, Deputy Regional Director, USFWS Pacific Region

Terry is going on 36 years with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She started off at a field office in Louisiana, made a relatively quick stop in Washington, DC, and arrived in Portland, Oregon in 2003.  In January 2016,  Terry was named Deputy Regional Director for Region One, which encompasses Oregon, Washington, Idaho and the Pacific Islands.  Terry’s emphasis has been and will continue to be finding collaborative solutions to tough issues, emphasizing work with private landowners to develop those solutions.   She strongly believes that being value-added will ensure a seat at the table, recognizing that while regulation is a necessary part of the Endangered Species Act, collaboration is the key to long-term success.  Under her leadership, over the last 10 years the Ecological Services program in Region One has provided significant funding for on-the-ground actions to improve the status of candidate and listed species, resulting in several candidates not being listed and at least one species being delisted. 

Terry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management from Eastern Kentucky University.  Terry and her husband Rab have two children and two adorable grandchildren.  In addition to Terry’s passion for all things equestrian, together they enjoy hiking, bird watching and exploring the great northwest.