By Published On: October 25, 2021

Check out Eastern Nevada on this Virtual Tour!

Are you missing the times when partners from across the West would spend a lot more time in the field checking out projects and hearing about successes and challenges in conservation? We sure are at the Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV) and Partnering to Conserve Sagebrush Rangelands! To get a little taste of that field time we teamed up with some great folks to create this virtual film tour of eastern Nevada called “Addressing Drought through Proactive Restoration and Resilience, Working with Communities in Nevada.”

The “film tour” starts with an introduction and scene setting by the IWJV’s Nevada State Conservation Partnership Co-chairs to orient viewers to this region of their state and the challenges they face. The first tour stop at minute 1:34 takes place at Cottonwood Ranch with Agee Smith and McKenzie Molsbee who talk about creek restoration, cutting back during drought, and virtual fences. Then at minute 12:10 the tour heads south to Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge where Pete Schmidt speaks to wetland management through dry years. Next stop is at minute 20:35 with Jon Griggs at Maggie Creek Ranch exploring flexibility with land management and targeted grazing. Last, but not least, at minute 28:32 you see fire restoration efforts illustrated by Caleb McAdoo with Nevada’s Division of Wildlife and how they are trialing the application of Imazapic/Rejuvra to control cheatgrass.

All of the places you’ll see in this film tour are the ancestral lands of the Northern Paiute (Numu), Western Shoshone (Newe), and Shoshone-Bannock people (Panati). We would like to acknowledge them as caretakers of these lands with a deep and vast knowledge of it.

Thank you sincerely for watching and sharing!