Special Initiatives

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has increasingly developed mechanisms for targeting Farm Bill conservation programs to strategically address natural resource concerns such as water quality, wildlife, and forest health. Through a new paradigm of Conservation Beyond Boundaries, NRCS now implements special initiatives at large scales and across jurisdictional boundaries. For example, NRCS targets program funds regionally or within a state to maximize landscape-level benefits to at-risk wildlife and fisheries. Learn more here.

Sage Grouse Initiative

In 2010, NRCS announced a Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI) that specifically targeted toward restoration and enhancement of sage-grouse habitat in the western states. SGI has identified core sage grouse habitat areas to target the delivery of Farm Bill conservation programs. Although SGI is focused on sage grouse, it undoubtedly has substantial benefit to other species of wildlife in sagebrush systems, including certain migratory birds that use sagebrush and grassland habitats.