HABPOPS (Habitats and Populations Scenarios) Tool for Resource and Land Managers

HABPOPS, short for Habitats and Populations Scenarios, is a tool for resource and land managers within the IWJV region.  HABPOPS can be used to explore the effects that habitat management activities could have on bird populations. For program and large-scale planning and analyses, it answers the question: what are the population effects of changing habitat types or conditions? Answering this allows managers to be strategic and effective with their activities.

HABPOPS generates population estimates for three sagebrush species (Sagebrush Sparrow, Sage Thrasher, Brewer’s Sparrow) and two grassland species (Grasshopper Sparrow, Long-billed Curlew), based on habitat conditions. To do so, HABPOPS combines estimates of current habitat extent and condition (from ReGap layers) with the best available data describing focal species occupancy rates and density to derive population estimates at the Bird Conservation Region (BCR) and state scale. It covers three primary BCRs in the IWJV region: 9,10, and 16.  It also ties to population objectives at the state and BCR level as defined in the IWJV 2013 Implementation Plan.

Visit the web-interface for HABPOPS to get started! It provides map integration and produces reports for your area. There, you can also download the Access database, if you would rather use the tool on your desktop, or the raw data used to build HABPOPS.

HABPOPS was also used to develop content in the Landbird Chapter of the IWJV 2013 Implementation Plan. Check it out to learn more about how HABPOPS can be applied. The HABPOPS tool was created by Dan Casey as a collaboration between IWJV, the American Bird Conservancy, and Point Blue Conservation Science.  It was based on an original concept (the Hierarchical All-Bird Strategy (HABS) database developed by Playa Lakes Joint Venture. 

Images: Clockwise from left: Sage Thrasher (Ken Miracle); Long-billed Curlew (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources); Grasshopper Sparrow (USFWS); Brewer's Sparrow (Ken Miracle); Sagebrush Sparrow (Robert Martinka)

Webinar: Find out what will happen with habitat management before it happens!

Learn more by watching the recording of this webinar on HABPOPS with Dan Casey.

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