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Conservation Capacity

How the IWJV invests in people and partnerships.

At the IWJV, we think of Conservation Capacity as the human capital needed to implement conservation at a desired pace and scale.

The significant increase in federal funding for projects in recent years has not been matched with an equivalent increase in capacity to deliver conservation. The funding influx from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act is exacerbating capacity limitations throughout the conservation field.

As a result, supporting and establishing conservation capacity positions is becoming an increasingly frequent role that the IWJV plays. Each position is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of a given landscape and project type, involving disciplines such as wildlife biologists, range conservationists, and engineering technicians. The focus of our conservation capacity ranges greatly from building beaver dam analogs, to restoring wet meadows, to coordinating regional partnerships implementing landscape conservation.

Some examples of these important positions on the landscape include:

Do you have a capacity challenge the IWJV can help with? Please contact IWJV’s Conservation Programs and Operations Coordinator: Joy Morris (


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Our staff has a wide range of professional experience, including non-profit management, bird conservation science, spatial ecology, habitat delivery, policy, strategic planning and communications, and contract management.


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