By Published On: February 7, 2023

Introducing: The Storyteller’s Circle

Conservation communicators face a daunting task: telling compelling stories to encourage actions that will “save the world.” But how often do communications professionals make space for developing our craft in order to do these stories justice?

Enter the Storyteller’s Circle. This (free!) bi-monthly, virtual event combines topic-based discussions led by other communications professionals with dedicated time to work on your own storytelling projects in a supportive environment.

Reach out to Emily Downing or Nicole Reese for more information.

How does the Storyteller’s Circle work?

Sessions will last for 90 minutes and will be “drop-in”-style; i.e., join whenever and stay for however long you want. A designated facilitator will commit to keeping the Zoom room open for the full 90-minute session. Don’t feel like you need to commit to coming every session, either. Show up as your availability and interest dictates, the next session will be held in May.

Sessions will be broken into 45-minute halves. The first half will feature a speaker, presentation, or facilitated discussion that allows participants to work collaboratively through storytelling challenges. The second half will be a “write-in” where you’ll have space to work on your storytelling projects in a quiet group space. During this time, we ask that you mute yourself and use the chat feature to ask questions, bring a problem to the group’s attention, or hold side conversations.

There will be a hard stop for this workshop at the 90-minute mark. If you want to carry on a topic-specific discussion or side conversation beyond the session, we encourage you to arrange a time outside the workshop to do so.