By Published On: April 1, 2019

IWJV Recognized for Innovation and Leadership

The Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV) was recognized for its innovation, leadership, and dedication to conservation at the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) annual conference held in Eugene, Oregon, on July 16, 2018. The event honored conservation professionals from several western states with awards commending their work to conserve fish and wildlife resources.

In recognition of the many conservation contributions IWJV is making across the West, the organization was honored with WAFWA’s 2018 President’s Award. The President’s Award is given to an individual or entity that the President believes best exemplifies the highest ideals of innovation, leadership, stewardship and/or dedication involving fish and wildlife resources in the West.  Curt Melcher, current WAFWA President and Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, selected the IWJV for its shared strong commitment to delivering conservation through partnerships, working across jurisdictional boundaries, sharing information, and strengthening the work of its partners. In 2016, the collaboration between IWJV and WAFWA was advanced with a cooperative agreement that further strengthens the alliance. Today, the two entities are lock-step in a long-run effort to conserve the sagebrush ecosystem and proactively catalyze landscape-scale conservation of habitats that will support wildlife populations and communities for future generations.

“Intermountain West Joint Venture has always been a great partner with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and other Western agencies,” Melcher said. “This award is well-deserved recognition for the help IWJV provides all of us in ensuring sustainable fish and wildlife populations.”

Ali Duvall, Assistant Coordinator, accepted the award on behalf of IWJV and expressed, “We are so humbled and honored to receive this most prestigious award. The people of the Intermountain West are our greatest asset. Our Management Board, staff, and partners are the spark that make things happen. We believe deeply that conservation happens when you bring people together with diverse values, build trust and relationships, and develop solutions to complex conservation challenges.”

The IWJV is humbled to have received this award and recognition by our partners. We thank you all sincerely.

The IWJV is governed by a diverse executive-level Management Board ensuring that varying perspectives have a seat at the table to seek common ground for lasting conservation.  “It is truly gratifying to see IWJV honored in this way and no surprise that when receiving the award, IWJV staff immediately pointed to all of the conservation partners who have been critical to the delivery of effective on-the-ground conservation,” said Tony Wasley, IWJV Management Board Chairman and Director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The IWJV Management Board members include:

  • Ron Alvarado, State Conservationist, USDA-NRCS
  • Clen Atchley, Flying A Ranch, Idaho
  • Bob Broscheid, Director, Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Mike Fowlks, Director, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Ron Leathers, Public Finance Director, Pheasants Forever
  • Sherry Liguori, Avian Program Manager, PacifiCorp
  • Jeff McCreary, Director of Conservation Programs-Western Region, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
  • Ken McDonald, Wildlife Bureau Chief, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
  • Virgil Moore, Director, Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  • Miles Moretti, President/CEO, Mule Deer Foundation
  • Patrick O’Toole, Ladder Livestock Company, LLC, Wyoming
  • Terry Rabot, Deputy Regional Director, USFWS Pacific Region
  • Brian Rutledge, Central Flyway Conservation Strategy & Policy Advisor, Audubon Rockies, National Audubon Society
  • Alexa Sandoval, Director, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
  • Jean Semborski, Environmental Coordinator, ConocoPhillips Company
  • Steve Small, Division Chief, Resources Services, Bureau of Land Management
  • Jim Stone, Rolling Stone Ranch, Montana (IWJV Management Board Vice Chair)
  • Scott Talbott, Director, Wyoming Game and Fish Department
  • Noreen Walsh, Regional Director, USFWS Mountain-Prairie Region
  • Tony Wasley, Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife (IWJV Management Board Chair)

The IWJV seeks to forge productive, lasting relationships with a diversity of state conservation partners to foster innovations and produce tangible on-the-ground results for habitat conservation across private and public lands in the West.  To help create a lasting legacy for people and wildlife in the Intermountain West, visit