Intermountain West Joint Venture
Intermountain West Joint Venture
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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Conserve and enhance bird habitats at meaningful scales through capacity building, science, communications, and strategic partnerships.

Our Vision

An Intermountain West where people, birds, and other wildlife thrive.

Our Philosophy

The IWJV philosophy can simply be described as a deep recognition that people are fundamental to the story of conservation in the West. People dedicated to working lands, both public and private, compose a huge part of our organizational landscape and are core to our everyday functions. Keystone tenets of the IWJV include finding common ground with others, using science to build durable conservation accomplishments with multiple benefits, and strengthening conservation through a lens of relevancy to people. 

The IWJV focuses on wetlands and the waters that support them, sagebrush ecosystems, and forests, habitats that collectively encompass the majority of the Intermountain West and support a multitude of bird species. These habitats are in need of collaborative conservation efforts to address their pressing threats: wetlands are drying, sagebrush ecosystems are being impacted by invasive annual grasses, encroaching conifers, and large-scale wildfires, and forests have degraded structure and function contributing to larger and more severe fires. Our approach to this work will stay consistent: a commitment to working lands and the people that steward them, and support of land management practices that sustain bird habitat in a voluntary, non-regulatory manner.

Our Strategic Plan
Annual Operational Plan
Our Implementation Plan

Our Conservation Partnerships Include:

Agricultural producers to keep working lands working while improving and conserving bird and other wildlife habitat.

Private industry partners to take voluntary, proactive conservation action and reduce the need for regulation.

Federal, state, and tribal partners to conserve wildlife and deliver conservation outcomes at the right scales.

Non-governmental organizations to catalyze and support collaborations for land and wildlife conservation.

Sportsmen and women to advance habitat conservation that ensures hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

Rural communities to achieve sustained economic vitality through conservation partnerships with win-win benefits.

Inside the Partnership

Learn more about what our partners are up to around the Intermountain West.

Working together is always better.

Our staff has a wide range of professional experience, including non-profit management, bird conservation science, spatial ecology, habitat delivery, policy, strategic planning and communications, and contract management.


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