Cornell Small Grants Program for Land Trusts

The Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative recently announced a new grant program for land trusts across the U.S. This program will provide funding to support land trusts and their partners in accomplishing bird conservation on private lands through acquisition/easements, habitat planning, outreach, and research. They aim to help build the capacity of land trusts to: 

  • Meet their own goals and to achieve strategic bird conservation on private lands
  • Support land trusts in prioritizing conservation lands for focal species 
  • Monitor and manage lands
  • Develop successful funding proposals
  • Increase community support 

Applicants can apply for up to $5,000 in funds annually with applications due March 1, 2017, and funds dispersed around April 30, 2017. Matching funds are not required, however, it will be advantageous for an applicant to show that these grant funds will be supplemented by partner dollars or leveraged for future funding. Priority will be given to the formation of new regional or state-based land trust collaboratives with multiple partners – for an example of a collaborative, see the this partnership.

The awarded funds can be used for administrative and legal fees associated with land acquisitions. Recipients must be able to justify and demonstrate conservation objectives, outcomes, and clear measures of success stemming directly from the awarded funds and enter any bird data collected with project funds into eBird.

For more information and application questions, visit Cornell Small Grants Program for Land Trusts.