Desert Fish Habitat Partnership is requesting project proposals

The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership (DFHP) is requesting submission of project proposals for the 2014 National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) funding cycle and other potential funding sources. Projects should directly needs of desert fish, specifically those identified in the DFHP Framework for Strategic Conservation of Desert Fish. Projects which provide on-the-ground habitat conservation or restoration for desert fish in cooperation with multiple, diverse partners and matching resources will be given the highest priority. Emphasis will be given to projects that address natural habitats rather than artificial refugia (unless the refugia prevent a detrimental loss to the species).

To apply for funding, the proposal and supplemental information must be submitted by 1 September 2013 to the DFHP Coordinator.

Please carefully review the criteria which the DFHP will use to rank the proposals. Projects which are not chosen for this round of funding but which meet the priorities of the DFHP will be considered for anticipated funding opportunities throughout the year in cooperation with project proponents. 

Feel free to forward the DFHP RFP to anyone interested. All project proposals must be submitted electronically to the DFHP Coordinator, Kayla Barrett ( by 1 September 2013.