Human Dimensions Resource Portal

The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is highly aware that people are an important piece of the conservation puzzle, but, as conservationists, we’re not exactly sure what the social aspects are or how to address them. The FWS Human Dimensions Resource Portal can help address all kinds of issues by providing a place for you to explore resources and learn about what others are doing.

The portal provides convenient access to human dimensions tools and resources applicable to your conservation work. It also encourages a community of practice for conservation practitioners through a blog and conversation forum; upcoming events; news and announcements; and a directory of social science experts in the Service.

From the predictive search tool, to the Expert Directory and blog, the FWS HD Resource Portal is a one-stop-shop for connecting social science to conservation. Below, you'll find descriptions of all the cutting-edge features of the site.

If listening is more your style, check out this podcast for an audio tour and discussion about the site.