SGI Launches New Website

Here's a message from the Sage Grouse Initiative...

Sage Grouse Initiative is pleased to announce our fully re-designed website that captures the beauty of the sagebrush-steppe and the dedication of landowners and partners who are stepping up to do their part for sage grouse and sustainable ranching.  Beyond aesthetics, it’s easy to navigate and useful for partners, landowners, biologists, press, policymakers and educators, too. A tip of the SGI hat goes to SGI communications director Deborah Richie and Partners Creative, the Missoula-based company that took our ideas and content and brilliantly translated them into the website you’ll see today at


Below are a few features of the new site:

1.  Large photos slide across the home page with well-crafted messages like these: “Take the reins and keep them” and “Conversation sprouts conservation” and “On the ground is what matters most.”

2.  “A featured friend” tile below the slider photos take you to a partner profile. We’re starting with Pheasants Forever and will be regularly featuring groups and individuals who are carrying out the Sage Grouse Initiative. Partners are also highlighted in our new Take Action section.

3.  The Signature Sage Lands Map features a success story in each of the 11 western states. And on the right hand bottom corner of the homepage is our rotating “by the numbers” visual way to show success.

4.  We have portals for landowners, for partners and for press to help them find exactly what they need in one place, and to make it easy for new partners to join.

5.  Our Sagebrush Community section embraces the bird, the habitat, the wildlife and the people, showing how all are woven together in one common effort. 

6.  Under News & Media, you’ll find a section called “Conversations.” Here, you can read the latest SGI Facebook posts without having to be on Facebook.

What You Can Do—

Please peruse our website today, and don’t leave without subscribing to our new SGI newsletter, checking out the SGI YouTube station, and RSS feed, all located at the bottom of each page.

Next, would you consider publicizing our new website on your website, newsletter, Blog, Facebook page, twitter, or other ways?

Here’s just a short paragraph for that use:

The Sage Grouse Initiative launched an all new redesigned website this week! It’s designed to be compelling, practical, and a “go-to” resource for landowners, partners, press, educators, and more. Please visit the website and join the new paradigm for conserving at-risk wildlife through incentives, voluntary cooperation, and community support: