Video Recordings Available on Latest Conifer Science

The Society for Range Management’s scientific journal, Rangeland Ecology & Management, released a special issue focused entirely on how conifers have been steadily invading sagebrush and prairie country and how land managers can address this conservation issue. These studies were presented at a live-streamed symposium at the Society for Range Management’s 2017 conference. The presentations were recorded and are now available to the public for free thanks to the Bureau of Land Management and Sage Grouse Initiative.

Conifers crowd out native perennial grasses and forbs, decreasing the productivity and richness of the range. If unchecked, the spread of conifers can reduce the availability of water, food, and cover for wildlife and livestock. Additionally, woodland expansion increases the risk of soil erosion, invasive weeds, and high-intensity wildfires.

The research presented in these short videos communicates the latest that will help managers and landowners fine-tune practices that address woody encroachment in both western sagebrush and southern Great Plains habitats, benefiting the wildlife and agricultural producers who depend on these rangelands.

Please view and share these 20-minute presentations with any relevant audiences.