We are #thankful for wetlands! Wetlands are a scarce but important commodity in the arid Intermountain West. By virtue of their scarcity and fluctuating presence, wetlands play a critical role in supporting millions of birds that utilize or pass through our region as well as so many other species, including people! 

We are #thankful for sagebrush country. By working together in this unique geography, our partnership is demonstrating how public land and other cross-boundary habitat improvements not only benefit wildlife but also maintain and benefit local and national economies for the future. Join us! 

We are #thankful for working lands! Key to our partnership’s shared vision and our purpose to conserve lands and wildlife are the following:

-- Strong rural communities with sustainable ranching, energy, and other economic livelihoods;
-- Abundant wildlife to support hunting, fishing, and recreation opportunities;
-- Sustainable water resources; and,
-- A deep connection to the western way of life and wide-open spaces that reflects our history and culture.

We are #thankful for all of you, our partners in conservation!! Happy Thanksgiving!