Conservation Roundup: April 2012

Migratory Bird Joint Ventures (Joint Ventures) are a widely recognized model for cooperative conservation. We have a proven track record of building public-private partnerships, leveraging resources, and using science to target and deliver landscape-scale bird habitat conservation.
As part of the IWJV’s investment in strategic communications, we are committed to building knowledge and skills to achieve bird habitat conservation. Participation in the IWJV can link you to bird conservation professionals and resources that you may not have been aware of, or had access to previously.
Photo courtesy of Duck Unlimited Chris Bonsignore, DU Biologist, meets with landowner George Stuivenga on his property in the Calispell Valley to discuss wetland enhancements on his lands.
Fencing around Anderson Mesa wetlands helps protect the delicate ecosystem.
© Sharon O'Toole Rambouillet sheep graze at Ladder Ranch in view of Three Forks Mountain
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