Conservation Roundup: Summer 2014

“With this tool, a land manager will be able to plug in the existing state of a site and what they trying to achieve there,” said Laura Quattrini from the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. “The tool will then calculate the best management options to get the land to provide what they need for grazing, as well as the needs for the sage-obligate bird species.” Find out how this tool can be used in your region.
This first-hand account from a partner biologist in northeastern California sheds a unique light on the dynamic community conservation efforts in this unheralded corner of the state. Read more of Tiffany’s narrative here.
The protection of the Smith Lake wetland complex is almost complete. The challenge is that the puzzle piece can only be put into place if funding can be secured to complete the easement. Learn about this incredible wetland complex and its importance to migratory birds here.
When asked why he makes conservation an integral part of his cattle operation, third generation rancher James O’Haco restates the simple mantra he said his grandfather lived by: “We just want to leave the land a little better for our children.” Find out how he does this here.
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