Conservation Roundup: Summer 2015

Migrating waterfowl, waterbirds, and numerous other avian species rely heavily on Wyoming’s Goshen Hole. Partners there have developed a plan for conserving this crucial wetland site as well as others across the state. Find out more here.
When Christiana Manville joined the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program she quickly learned about the complex history her region has had with threatened species. But the current critter of concern, the Amargosa toad, isn’t part of that contentious history. Find out why here.
Landscape is a big word with a big meaning. The Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative embodies the meaning of landscape-scale conservation. Learn about their achievements here.
Trumpeter swans were nearly lost in the Intermountain West, but by focusing on providing wetlands that specifically fit this big bird’s needs their populations have continued to expand. Learn about what happened here.
Birds and power lines may not seem like an intuitive mix but the electric utility company has been investing extensively in ways to protect migratory birds.
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