Conservation Roundup: Winter 2015

To develop mutually beneficial collaborations between land trusts and the bird conservation community, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology recently launched a Land Trust Initiative. Find out what they are learning here.
A key organization that assists the IWJV and its partners is the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA). Our relationship with state fish and wildlife agencies is critical to addressing the conservation challenges of today and tomorrow. Learn more about WAFWA here.
The American avocet relies heavily on the Intermountain West for many stages of its life cycle. Biologists and land managers are working to increase awareness about this bird’s habitat needs. Keep reading here for an in-depth profile on this shorebird.
The common carp is the number one enemy for conservation groups working to restore habitat in this southeastern Oregon county. Continue reading here to learn about the different combat methods to decrease this invasive fish population.
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