BLM and Joint Venture Expand Sagebrush Conservation Partnership Model

Building on the successful creation of plans and proven models to conserve sagebrush habitat, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV) formalized a partnership effort to help maintain the West’s “sagebrush sea.”

The purpose of the agreement between the BLM and the IWJV is to expand the capacity-building model and priority conservation practices pioneered through the Natural Resources Conservation Service-led Sage Grouse Initiative by transferring the success on private lands to this new public lands partnership. This agreement will facilitate collaboration in focal landscapes to accomplish on-the-ground projects such as: conifer removal, fire and invasive treatments, wet meadow habitat restoration, and planning and implementation of range structural improvements. Check out this brochure about our partnership.

Featuring local and state-driven partnerships, the brand new Partnering to Conserve Sagebrush Rangelands web portal shows in stunning visuals and compelling stories how collaborative sagebrush conservation benefits people, wildlife, communities, and economies in the West. The primary purpose of the portal is to provide a simple space that reflects the cross-boundary efforts underway through this partnership between the BLM and IWJV. This site is intended to enhance awareness and create a heightened enthusiasm among current and new partners working in sagebrush country.

“As part of this partnership, we needed a digital storefront to share and celebrate the stories about the places and the people that are enacting community-based and landscape-scale sagebrush habitat conservation on public lands,” said Kim Dow, BLM Acting Division Chief of Fish and Wildlife Conservation. “Think of as a one-stop shop for partners interested in sagebrush habitat conservation with a treasure trove of stories and resources.”

The BLM-IWJV agreement reflects continued collaboration and investment by federal agencies, private landowners, state fish and wildlife agencies and partner organizations to join voluntary efforts at the landscape-level for the benefit of sage grouse, other sage-dependent wildlife, ranching operations, and rural communities. For more information, please visit the portal and sign up to receive future updates.