Water 4 Initiative Coordinator - Position Closed

This position is no longer open for applications.

The Water 4 Initiative Coordinator position serves to lead the strategic, partner-driven conservation of working wetlands and water through the Intermountain West Joint Venture’s (IWJV) new Water 4 Initiative. The initiative is designed to modernize wetlands conservation in the Intermountain West by conserving working wetlands and “water for” agriculture, wildlife and fisheries habitat, groundwater recharge, recreation, and other services that matter to people.

The Intermountain West is mostly publicly owned, but approximately 70% of its emergent wetlands occur on private land. These privately-owned wetland habitats are typically associated with irrigated agriculture and occur on working ranches and farms in landscapes important to wildlife, native fish, and people. Recent science and planning indicates that these agricultural lands, in certain landscapes, provide continentally important habitat for waterfowl and other waterbirds, and complement the habitat provided on State Wildlife Areas and National Wildlife Refuges. Yet these “working wetlands” are under significant pressure due to urban and exurban growth, associated shifts in water policy, drought and changing environmental conditions, and in some landscapes, declining aquifers.

The IWJV developed the Water 4 Initiative to support agricultural producers, public land managers, and other conservation partners with wetlands conservation on working lands in ways that matter to people, including improved forage production, higher quality wildlife-associated recreation, and enhanced groundwater recharge. The initiative is designed to catalyze substantial new funding for on-the-ground working lands conservation – through innovations in programs, practices, and partnerships – yielding expanded and accelerated conservation.

The Water 4 work will be focused in the following arenas:

  • Agricultural irrigation infrastructure modernization that sustains and improves both wildlife habitat and agricultural production.
  • Groundwater recharge with multiple benefits to water users, wildlife, and communities.
  • Fisheries habitat conservation integrated with working wet meadows conservation.
  • Working lands conservation easements to address subdivision fragmentation risk.
  • Floodplain and watershed restoration supporting wildlife and water management objectives.

Please read the full job announcement here for additional information on this position.


Applicants should submit the following materials in electronic format (a single PDF preferred) to Dave Smith at dave_w_smith@fws.gov and Lori Reed at lori.reed@iwjv.org by September 3, 2018.

  • Cover letter that addresses interest in the position and natural resource conservation.
  • Resume with a minimum of three references.
  • Two or more writing samples related to natural resources or conservation.