By Published On: August 21, 2014

Online Resources for Migratory Bird Information

Artwork by Robert Petty

This guide provides a synopsis of online resources useful when learning more about birds and the implementation of bird conservation.  It is by no means comprehensive, as there are more websites related to birds than there are bird species in North America.  However, the list was compiled based on the resources many other professionals have found very useful in their work, whether that be research, habitat restoration, document writing, public outreach, planning, or inventory and monitoring.

As I have become more involved in the fascinating world of birds, I am amazed at the amount of data and information out there available to anyone who will take the time to look.  These data are reliable and relevant to work we do every day.  You will find the links to much of these data below.  You might also be inspired to create your own research project within your area, or conduct a survey for a particular species that people would like to know more about.  Go forth and be bird nerds!

Clearly, this list of resources will need to be updated regularly.  And there are likely websites that you use that are not listed here but should be.  Please feel free to email them to me for future revisions and updates (

– Carrie Hugo, Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership (IBCP) Outreach/Citizen Scientist Working Group Chair