Our Partnership Commitment

The IWJV seeks common ground to build durable conservation and strong communities.

Together, we accomplish what no single entity can do alone.

Over the past three decades, the IWJV built a solid foundation for coordinated habitat conservation by assembling strong and diverse public-private partnerships. We leverage science, funding, communications, and other resources to achieve conservation at a meaningful scale across the Intermountain West.

Conserving migratory bird habitat inherently involves fostering collaboration among people with diverse perspectives and values. Finding common ground is paramount to implementing conservation that will matter to migratory birds, other wildlife and fisheries, and people. That’s why the IWJV focuses on bringing a multitude of interests together to create a shared vision across physical, organizational, and cultural divisions to address ecosystem-scale challenges.

Growth of our Partnership Commitment 

The IWJV recognizes several gaps in our relationships with people who live within our region. We are committed to educating ourselves about those that have been excluded from conservation decision-making, as well as expanding our scope to incorporate additional values across all areas of  IWJV’s work. This includes tribes and others with long-standing connections to the West, as well as looking to the future of conservation by involving people that we have not meaningfully engaged in the past.

The word “diversity” can mean different things to different people. To date, we have largely used the word to describe our commitment to working with people of diverse perspectives to find common ground and shared vision. This continues to be a focus of the IWJV. However, we also wish to engage with, and elevate the work of, new partners that represent different aspects of diversity. We view expanding the diversity of our partnership as a necessary step in implementing successful strategic habitat and capacity-building conservation efforts across the West.

Working together is always better.

Our staff has a wide range of professional experience, including non-profit management, bird conservation science, spatial ecology, habitat delivery, policy, strategic planning and communications, and contract management.


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