Our Partnership Vision

Together, we accomplish what no single entity can do alone.

Our approach is reflected in the following elements:

NON-REGULATORY SOLUTIONS: We champion voluntary, proactive, and highly organized conservation to preclude the need for regulatory actions. 

BUSINESS APPROACH: Our business structure, Management Board composition, and diverse financial portfolio embodies our entrepreneurial approach to conservation.

SPORTSMEN & WOMEN: We advance habitat conservation work that ensures hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities for current and future generations. 

PROVEN MODEL: Our strategic, partnership-driven approach and demonstrated track record of success serves as a conservation model for the future. 

Achievement of desired future populations of birds and their habitats requires swift and decisive action from our conservation partners and must be rooted in sound, actionable science and community-led conservation efforts. To achieve this, we work hand-in-hand with programs and initiatives that benefit birds and other wildlife, ranching, industry, and economic livelihood.

Over the past 20 years, the IWJV has built a solid foundation for the delivery of coordinated bird conservation by assembling strong and diverse public-private partnerships. The crafters of the IWJV had foresight to include a mix of federal agencies, state agencies, non-governmental conservation organizations and for-profit corporations on the Management Board, and then work to extend the IWJV partnership network to a wide array of conservation partners across the Intermountain West, including private landowners and corporate partners.  

The IWJV looks forward to helping partners leverage science, resources, and funding to achieve landscape scale conservation in the Intermountain West.

State Conservation Partnerships

The IWJV builds and strengthens partnerships, which are the lifeblood of conservation in the Intermountain West. Click here to learn about our State Conservation Partnerships.

One significant example of IWJV's partnership vision that is enacting landscape-scale conservation is the Sagebrush Rangeland Partnership between the IWJV and Bureau of Land Management.