Our Partnership Vision

The IWJV seeks common ground to build durable conservation and strong communities.

Together, we accomplish what no single entity can do alone.

Fragmentation threatens not only landscapes but conservation efforts as well. That’s why the IWJV focuses on bringing diverse interests together to create shared vision across physical divisions (roads, fences, rivers), legal and organizational divisions (property boundaries, state lines, agency silos and jurisdictions), and mental and cultural divisions (compartmentalized thoughts and beliefs) to address ecosystem scale challenges.

Over the past 25 years, the IWJV has built a solid foundation for the delivery of coordinated habitat conservation by assembling strong and diverse public-private partnerships. We work hand-in-hand with programs and initiatives that benefit birds and other wildlife, ranching, industry, and economic livelihoods of western communities. We strive to help partners leverage science, funding, and other resources to achieve conservation at a meaningful scale across the Intermountain West.

Our approach is reflected in the following elements:

Non-regulatory Solutions:

We champion voluntary, proactive, and highly organized conservation to preclude the need for regulatory actions.

Business Approach:

Our business structure, Management Board composition, and diverse financial portfolio embodies our entrepreneurial approach to conservation.

Sportsmen and Women:

We advance habitat conservation work that ensures hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities for current and future generations.

Proven Model:

Our strategic, partnership-driven approach and demonstrated track record of success serves as a conservation model for the future.

Working together is always better

We’re always looking for new partners with mutually beneficial programs to advance projects that benefit birds and other wildlife, ranching, industry, and economic livelihoods of western communities and cultures.

Let's Work Together