Colorado State Conservation Partnership

The Colorado IWJV State Conservation Partnership is comprised of numerous state, federal and non-government partners that manage all-bird conservation efforts in Western Colorado. The main function of the group is to provide a conduit of communication and foster collaboration, ultimately leading to the enhancement and protection of bird habitat.

The group utilizes existing planning efforts including all of the major bird conservation plans, the IWJV Implementation Plan, the Colorado Wetland Wildlife Conservation Program Strategic Plan and the Colorado Wildlife Action Plan.

A leading partner in the Colorado SCP is Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Wetland Wildlife Program whose programmatic structure includes Wetland Focus Area Committees (FACs). These FACs function as “mini” Joint Ventures, fostering public-private habitat partnerships at a local level throughout Colorado. Five such FACs are active in the IWJV portion of Colorado, which includes North Park, South Park, San Luis Valley, Arkansas Headwaters, and Southwest/San Juan area. The Colorado SCP provides an opportunity for the FACs and partners and individual therein to communicate, collaborate and network on a larger scale.

For more information, contact one of the state chairs.

A storm draws near to the San Luis Valley's Blanca Wetlands Wildlife Management Area.

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