Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership

The Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership (IBCP) provides for cooperation among state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, private industry, and interested citizens to participate in the management, science delivery, outreach, and conservation of birds and their habitats in Idaho. The IBCP also strives to implement strategic management and conservation efforts that contribute to the achievement of high priority regional and continental bird objectives aligned with national and state bird conservation initiatives and Idaho’s State Wildlife Action Plan.

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The specific goals of the IBCP are to:  

  • Maximize integration of science and management through partnerships and technology transfer.
  • Broaden and strengthen public-private partnerships for bird conservation in Idaho.
  • Provide leadership and commitment to an integrated organizational framework linking science and management to address bird conservation and management in Idaho.
  • Expand and facilitate inter-disciplinary, multi-organizational teams focused on problem solving through collaborative management and research.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage resources, minimize duplication, and pursue additional support and resources toward shared management goals of partner organizations.
  • Implement communication and information sharing that enhances problem solving, demonstrates measurable results, and increases public support for birds and their habitats.
  • Produce measurable and meaningful outcomes in support of its goals.
  • Bring partners together to conserve intact landscapes of high value to priority species, and restore and enhance priority habitats to support sustainable populations of birds on private and public land.
  • Reduce the need for federal Endangered Species Act protection for Idaho bird species.



Oxford Slough Waterfowl Production Area is managed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and contains one of only five White-faced Ibis/Franklin’s Gull colonies in Idaho.

Project Spotlight

Overview of Clover Creek floodplain, Idaho.

In 2011-2012, a working ranch in Gooding County, Idaho underwent a major bird habitat improvement project that enhanced 44 acres of wetlands and breached a floodplain dike along Clover Creek. The Clover Creek floodplain is directly upstream from Pioneer Reservoir, which annually serves as a spring migration stopover for thousands of waterfowl and upwards of 2,000 Sandhill Cranes. Restoring...