New Mexico State Conservation Partnership

The New Mexico State Conservation Partnership (NMSCP) works to facilitate state and regional conservation planning and projects for birds and other wildlife. Through collaborative partnerships, the NMSCP supports priority research and carries out management actions aimed at benefitting focal bird species and habitats.

Current Priorities:

  • Science-based wetlands and riparian habitat conservation
  • Carrying capacity, energetics and movements of sandhill cranes and waterfowl, with current focus on the Middle Rio Grande Valley

Current Projects:

Ducks swirl above Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

Project Spotlight

In New Mexico’s Middle Rio Grande, conservation partners look at farmland owners as allies. They are a major part of the big-picture perspective that wetland conservationists have in this bottleneck in the Central Flyway.

Fifteen years ago Johnny Pack sat across a table from three men who were about to buy his share of 500 verdant acres along the Rio Grande. Pack grew up farming and ranching in eastern New Mexico and had dreamed of starting a farm with three college buddies from nearby Socorro. In the 1980s, they bought a parcel that once yielded corn and melons but had become overrun with salt cedar. A losing...