Northern Arizona State Conservation Partnership

A primary goal of the Northern Arizona State Conservation Partnership’s (NASCP) is to build partnerships to achieve milestones in bird-related science and habitat management. 

NASCP objectives include:

  • Continue to build and foster partnerships across interested agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals and connect those partners with bird related projects. 
  • Emphasize management within priority habitats and with focal bird species.
  • Carry out management actions such as the identification and prioritization of specific habitat and science projects aimed at benefitting focal bird species.  Where possible, emphasize landscape-scale actions to affect change.
  • Pursue diverse funding sources and other eligible cost share resources to implement selected management actions.
  • Illustrate and share successes and lessons learned, including technical information transfer.
  • Assist with implementing the annual IWJV Capacity Grants Program designed to increase the field capacity for habitat conservation projects through partnerships and leveraged funding.

The NASCP functions as a component of the Northern and Northeastern All Birds Conservation Initiative Committees. These established committees’ membership comprises of state and federal natural resource agencies, non-governmental organizations and individuals who work together on various bird management issues in northern Arizona.

Ephemeral wetland located in Coconino County, Arizona

Project Spotlight

Marshall Lake is an emergent wetland atop the Anderson Mesa in Arizona. (© Arizona Game & Fish)  

There is a saying in the arid west: Water is for fightin’ over, whiskey is for drinkin’. Here in Arizona, water is precious and any wetland, no matter how small, is a rare commodity that becomes a magnet for wildlife, livestock and people. On the Anderson Mesa in central Arizona, a broad partnership was formed to protect and restore 17 critically important wetlands and their associated upland...

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Al Eiden

West Region Director

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