People & Partnerships

People and partnerships are the heart and soul of the IWJV. We forge and sustain lasting relationships through collaboration.

We strive to meet people where they are through listening, understanding, and working together to achieve strategic habitat conservation. This relentless emphasis on partnerships and shared vision creates the powerful opportunity to be relevant to a diversity of conservation perspectives across the west.

Our partnerships have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

This growth is perhaps a result of continuing landscape changes that impact habitat conservation and affect our way of life, as well as the ever-growing social and political complexities that call for diverse conservation cooperation. Regardless, one does not have to look far to find conservation challenges and, subsequently, champions leading the charge for balanced and collaborative habitat conservation in the Intermountain West.

Our Conservation Partnerships Include:

Agricultural producers to keep working lands working while improving and conserving bird and other wildlife habitat.

Private industry partners to take voluntary, proactive conservation action and reduce the need for regulation.

Federal, state, and tribal partners to conserve wildlife and deliver conservation outcomes at the right scales.

Non-governmental organizations to catalyze and support collaborations for land and wildlife conservation.

Sportsmen and women to advance habitat conservation that ensures hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

Rural communities to achieve sustained economic vitality through conservation partnerships with win-win benefits.

Working together is always better.

Our staff has a wide range of professional experience, including non-profit management, bird conservation science, spatial ecology, habitat delivery, policy, strategic planning and communications, and contract management.


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