Inland Northwest Land Trust Secures Vital Wetlands

Member of the Washington State Conservation Partnership, the Inland Northwest Land Trust has secured 150 acres destined to become an addition to the Reardan Audubon Lake Wildlife Area. Known as the Deep Creek property, this area is just east of the Wildlife Area and contains two of the three headwaters in the area, Deep Creek and Spring Creek.

"The acquisition of the Deep Creek property is so exciting for multiple reasons,” said Garry Schalla, Executive Director of the Inland Northwest Land Trust. “The property expands and preserves valuable migratory stopover habitat and ponds, with cover for those species nesting here. And it continues to expand for the public a spectacular stage to observe more than 200 species of birds frequenting the area."

This Spokane-based land trust plans to sell the property to the Department of Fish and Wildlife when funds become available. The deal assures the area's wetlands, 13 vernal pools, alkaline mud flats and basalt features will remain undeveloped.

The Washington State Conservation Partnership members place a high priority on conserving wetlands based on their importance to a wide variety of migratory birds and other wildlife, said Terry Mansfield, Washington Partnership Chair.

“The focused efforts to secure wetlands and the associated uplands around the Reardon Audubon Lake Wildlife Area is a great example of collaboration between State and Federal agencies working with local non-government organizations to accomplish their shared goals for wildlife habitat conservation in eastern Washington," Mansfield said.

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