Wetland Restoration at Spring Cove Ranch (ID)

Overview of Clover Creek floodplain, Idaho.

In 2011-2012, a working ranch in Gooding County, Idaho underwent a major bird habitat improvement project that enhanced 44 acres of wetlands and breached a floodplain dike along Clover Creek. The Clover Creek floodplain is directly upstream from Pioneer Reservoir, which annually serves as a spring migration stopover for thousands of waterfowl and upwards of 2,000 Sandhill Cranes. Restoring hydrologic function to Clover Creek is expected to have a favorable impact on cranes, as well as other migratory birds.

Breaching the dike reconnected the historic floodplain with Clover Creek and ultimately will restore an additional 82 acres of wetlands. Not only have birds benefited, but the enhanced wetlands acreage has increased the rancher’s irrigation storage capacity and filters contaminants from an adjacent neighbor’s Confined Animal Feeding Operation.  Implementation of the project has already garnered interest from the upstream neighbor to breach a levee and restore additional floodplain wetlands. 

This project was funded by a combination of Middle Snake River Conservation NAWCA grant and Idaho Fish and Game funds. 


For more information, see: Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership.