Regional Partnerships

IWJV staff and partners tour and discuss a project in Montana.

The Intermountain West is also characterized by a diverse community of conservation partners that share a vision for healthy landscapes that sustain birds, other wildlife, and people. The IWJV has built a solid foundation for delivery of coordinated bird conservation over the past 18 years by assembling a strong and diverse public-private partnership. The crafters of the IWJV had foresight to include a mix of federal agencies, state agencies, non-governmental conservation organizations, and for-profit corporations on the Management Board, and then work to extend the IWJV partnership network to a wide array of conservation partners across the Intermountain West. The Joint Venture model is rooted in two simple concepts: 1) science-based habitat objectives result in delivery of focused and successful habitat programs, and 2) partnerships catalyze progress far exceeding what could be attained through independent efforts of individual agencies and organizations.

The IWJV plays a role in several regional conservation initiatives, including: