Chapter 6 outlines the biological planning approach for waterbirds in the Intermountain West, based on the North American Waterbird Conservation Plan. Like Chapter 5, it includes the most up-to-date information on waterbirds in the Intermountain West including five habitat types, 44 key wetland sites for waterbirds, population status and trends, threats and limiting factors, and population estimates and objectives.

It provides a synthesis of several inventory and monitoring studies with monitoring data on select species, and presents profiles of four key species recommended for conservation planning including: White-faced Ibis, American Bittern, Sora, and Greater Sandhill Crane.

Lastly, the chapter provides descriptions and threats for six waterbird focal areas including: Southern Oregon and Northeastern California, Great Salt Lake, Bear River Basin, Southeastern Idaho, Upper/Middle Rio Grande Valleys in Colorado and New Mexico, and West-Central Nevada.

IWJV 2013 Implementation Plan Chapter 6 Waterbirds