2013 IWJV Annual Operational Plan

The IWJV 2013 Annual Operational Plan (AOP) establishes the priorities and activities of the IWJV for the FY 2013 federal fiscal year. It is organized in accordance with the Desired Characteristics of Joint Venture Partnerships (JV Matrix) and is designed to move us closer to the comprehensive content for each of the elements – biological planning; conservation design; habitat delivery; monitoring and evaluation; research; and communications, outreach. and education.

The 2013 AOP identifies the following four strategies that are described in past AOPs (FY 2008-FY 2012):

· Strategy 1: Science Foundation – Biological Planning/Conservation Design

· Strategy 2: Habitat Delivery

· Strategy 3: Monitoring, Evaluation and Applied Research

· Strategy 4: Communication and Outreach

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IWJV (2013)