Guidelines for Establishing Joint Venture Waterfowl Population Abundance Objectives

Joint Venture (JV) scientists use regional population abundance objectives for waterfowl to quantify habitat objectives and frame conservation delivery strategies. Inconsistent or unreliable approaches for deriving population objectives among JVs will, by extension, produce inconsistent or unreliable habitat objectives across JVs. Furthermore, a 2007 North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) Continental Progress Assessment identified several JVs whose waterfowl population abundance objectives lacked a clear relationship to NAWMP continental goals, re‐enforcing a need for guidelines to establish population objectives at the JV regional scale.  Consequently, a NAWMP Science Support Team (NSST) Committee was formed to review existing approaches and provide recommendations to formulate regional waterfowl population abundance objectives explicitly and consistently linked to NAWMP continental population goals.  Continue reading here.