Highlighting the Economic Return of Two US. Fish and Wildlife Programs

The Contribution of Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Costal Program Restoration Projects to Local U.S. Economies

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) Program and Costal Program are the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s premier conservation delivery tools for voluntary and community-based fish and wildlife habitat restoration across public and private lands. The programs work directly with partners to implement vital on-the-ground restoration projects across the nation and U.S. territories.

The PFW and Costal Programs channel government and private dollars to local communities where they create work to support new jobs and provide income to local contractors and other industries. This study used input-output analysis techniques to estimate the effect of program spending in the regional economy.

Ten PFW projects were chosen to illustrate the variation in scope, size, partners, and organization of PFW projects. Two of these sample projects are within the IWJV region. Read about the Alkali Wildfire Restoration Project in Colorado on page 23 and the Apache Grove Riparian Restoration in Arizona on page 25.