NRCS Releases Sage Grouse Initiative 2012 Progress Report

August 2013

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) recently released the Sage Grouse Initiative 2012 Progress Report, showing results on the ground, and funding allocations to states that in turn were leveraged for accelerated conservation that's making a tangiible difference. Please download the four-page summary here.

Over 700 ranchers have enrolled 2.5 million acres to benefit sage-grouse. NRCS has invested $145 million while partners matched $70 million to assist ranchers to implement critical conservation measures.

As a result:

  • Reduction in anticipated bird losses by two- thirds by embedding conservation easements inside Wyoming’s core areas.
  • Increase of sage-grouse numbers by 8 to10 percent on 2.1 million acres when improved grazing systems enhance habitat.
  • Removal of 200,000 acres of invasive conifer in core habitats, tripling the chance of maintaining sage- grouse populations.
  • Prevention of 2,600 sage-grouse fence collisions annually by marking or moving 500 miles of “high- risk” fence. This action reduced fence strikes by 83 percent.
Read the full report here.