Partner engagement is what drives the Intermountain West Joint Venture and makes collaborative conservation happen. New for 2018, the IWJV is sharing engagement opportunities in this beautiful publication that depicts the diversity of wildlife, habitats, and human interests that benefit from collaborative actions.

Developed out of the IWJV’s 2018 Annual Operational Plan, this Partner Engagement publication focuses attention on three elements of the IWJV’s work – Science & Planning, Conservation Delivery, and Communications. Explore each element to find opportunities for engagement that build on existing partnerships and help to foster new ones. Peruse this tool to experience the vibrancy of collaborative conservation through images and brief text that depicts who we are, what we do, and the impacts of our collective work. Then contact our staff, join a State Conservation Partnership, and sign up for the E-newsletter to find out how you can help to create a lasting legacy for people and wildlife in the Intermountain West by engaging with the IWJV.

Despite the many ongoing changes in and around our conservation world, our informal motto remains constant: A partnership is stronger than the sum of its parts. We are fortunate to work with so many passionate conservation professionals and together we make an incredible impact for today and tomorrow. This document is a simple, digital tool to help bring more people into our fold. Please access and share it to continue to fulfill this motto.

In the spirit of conservation, limited hard copies are being produced.

IWJV 2018 AOP: Engagement for Partners