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Managing sagebrush country in a biologically sustainable manner, while meeting the needs of the wide range of stakeholders that have an interest in its future, is challenging.  Despite the many stakeholders that are increasingly engaged in efforts related to its management, most Americans are unfamiliar with and have little connection to our nation’s largest ecosystem type.  

In 2016, a diverse cross-section of sagebrush stakeholders convened in Salt Lake City for the SagebrushEcosystem Vision and Communications Forum.  Participants recognized they shared many common bonds through their unprecedented collaborative work in the sagebrush ecosystem to conserve the Greater Sage-grouse. Furthermore, the decision-makers from various agencies and organizations (alongside their communication staff) acknowledged the need and importance of improved coordination related to the sagebrush ecosystem.

The group uniformly agreed that a focused investment in communication efforts among entities working in this ecosystem, as well as with the general public, would be a valuable and necessary endeavor.  Together, participants launched a concerted effort to improve internal and external communication efforts within their organizations and related to the management of sagebrush country.  Thus, the SageWest communications network was formally launched in late 2016 to meet this need.

Through its leadership structure and uniquely diverse range of participants, SageWest endeavors to be address the inherent shortcomings of operating within our individual silos by facilitating internal and external communication efforts.

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