SGI SWAT Quarterly Report: October - December, 2012

Sage Grouse Initiative Strategic Watershed Action Team 

Quarterly Report: October-December 2012

Pretty good stuff getting done out there! Please take a gander at the accomplishments in the last section. Here’s a few highlights: 

  • Conifer Removal: 33,000+ of conifers contracted, which means a lot of those trees will hit the earth this winter and we’ll have sagebrush and grass coming up next spring……and likely sage grouse moving back into historic habitats that haven’t been usable in many years.
  • Grazing Management: 733,000+ acres of grazing management system planned by the SWAters. A lot of conservation planning (range inventory, development of feed-and-forage balance, grazing system planning, targeting conifers for removal, etc.) has to happen before a contract is signed and dollars obligated. Kudos to the SWATers for a lot of productive days in the field – in the right places - that will result in a lot of great habitat work getting done.
  • Dollars Going on the Ground: $22.8 million contracted by the SWATers in one year!
  • Different agricultural producers engaged: 641