Webinar: Meeting the Needs of Spring-migrating Waterfowl on Working Ranches

Are you interested in the value of flood-irrigated habitats to wetland-dependent birds, wet meadow conservation, or sustaining ranching for future generations? If so, check out this webinar entitled, "Meeting the Needs of Spring-migrating Waterfowl in the Intermountain West on Working Ranches", presented on December 16, 2014 by the IWJV Team of Josh Vest, Dave Smith, and Jeremy Maestas.

It provides a detailed look at the value of flood-irrigated wet meadow habitats to birds in a key landscape of the Intermountain West, an approach for balancing competing water resource demands, and the critical role that ranchers play in managing wetland habitats. This webinar is part of the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Working Agricultural Lands conservation webinar series.

Click here for the webinar PowerPoint presentation: iwjv.org/news/webinar-recording-waterfowl-working-ranches