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Effects of Irrigation Efficiency Improvements at Multiple Scales

The Intermountain West is mostly publicly owned but approximately 70% of its emergent wetlands occur on private land. These privately-owned
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Webinar on Public Lands and Private Waters

IWJV’s Spatial Ecologist, Patrick Donnelly recently presented to the Migratory Bird-Joint Venture Geospatial Working Group. His presentation called“Public lands and private waters: wetland
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SONEC: Dynamic Wetland Resources

The availability of surface water and wetland resources are highly dynamic in the western US.  Until recently, broad scale efforts
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Notes from SageWest, a Sagebrush Communications Network

Attached are notes from SageWest, a Sagebrush Communications Network. If you are interested in learning more about this network, please
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NAWMP and Action Plan (2012)

Twenty­-six years ago, the waterfowl management community began implementing a visionary initiative to conserve continental waterfowl populations and habitat – the
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Working together is always better

We’re always looking for new partners with mutually beneficial programs to advance projects that benefit birds and other wildlife, ranching, industry, and economic livelihoods of western communities and cultures.

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