Boom, Bust: Linking Patterns of Change In Sandhill Crane Populations

This plan of work reflects science that is to be released in Summer 2020. Have you ever wondered why sandhill
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Climate and human water use diminish wetland networks supporting continental waterbird migration

Access the full study here. Principal Investigators J. Patrick Donnelly, Sammy L. King, Nicholas L. Silverman, Daniel P. Collins, Eduardo M. Carrera‐Gonzalez, Alberto Lafón‐Terrazas, and
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Decision support for conservation of New Mexico’s riparian and wetland ecosystems

New Mexico Wetlands Proposal Despite encompassing a small fraction of the landscape (< 2%), riparian systems in arid regions act
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Effects of Irrigation Efficiency Improvements at Multiple Scales

The Intermountain West is mostly publicly owned but approximately 70% of its emergent wetlands occur on private land. These privately-owned
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